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Monday, July 23, 2012

Business Financial Astrology

Money, a game of rich but necessity for others. Everybody is running after money—whether you are rich, in business or job, belong to any religion, caste or creed! The main goal is to get money as much as possible. It becomes essential for a person to earn that much of money to make his living respectful in society.

How much can I get? Which are the methods or streams where I can earn more? What will happen to me financially after some years or in old age? Which areas of place will be suitable for me to become a successful person? Like this there are many questions which a person want answer. If someone predicts or foretells then the life would become much easier. One can put the effort in the right direction to be successful.  Here Astrology guides you the best. Astrology deciphers the position and potential of planets in a chart and the branch that deals with finances is known as astroeconomics – a branch of predictive astrology that deals with the financial matters- globally or personally. By the globally means predicting about the financial condition by country and the market trend that deals in stock and shares etc. and the matters that governs the money market in a country and in the broader sense world throughout. Personally, astrology guides in two methods- by the chart drawn for the person, company, business, country or any financial venture and the other is by the current position of planets known as transit- by which prediction can be made for hundred of years ahead. Positive and negative points and how to deal with them.

When we discuss about the financial astrology of a person it helps the person in various ways by observing the planetary placements and their relations – that predicts the financial position of a person and how much is he able to rise in his life. It clearly foretells whether one is suitable for business or for job. From where a person is able to get more profits, where to invest and which area of work will be suitable and numerous other related queries related to finance.

The most important use is found for the teenagers or school going students when they want to select an educational or career stream for themselves. That is really a phase when the mind is confused- sometimes one get influenced by the trend going on and pick up the wrong stream where he cannot justify with his inner abilities to rise. But when the decision is once made can not be rectified – if it is taken a long time to amend it.
The first house deals with the overall ‘Self’ of a person. It represents the whole personality of a person, his motivation and strength.
The second house deals with the funds or assets.
Third house deals with the effort, communications, short travel and also elementary school experiences.
Fourth deals with the land, property concerns or real estates.
The fifth house shows the gains incurred due to the karmas done in the previous lives. It also holds gambling, financial speculation, stock and shares etc.
Sixth deals with debts and loss, environment and experiences at work.
Seventh holds for business partnerships, power issues and long travels.
Eighth house deals in money got without putting any effort like from insurance policies, inheritance, gifts, legacy.
Ninth is the house of luck and long journeys.
Tenth is the house of karma governs career and social standing.
Eleventh deals with the source of income of money and group efforts.
Twelfth is for expenditure, loss, abroad or confinement.

As financial condition is life is affected not only by one factor in life likewise we can see that in a chart not one house of the chart governs finances. All are inter related to each other by one manner or the other. The most important use is found for the teenagers or school going students when they want to select an educational or career stream for themselves. That is really a phase when the mind is confused- sometimes one get influenced by the trend going on and pick up the wrong stream where he cannot justify with his inner abilities to rise. But when the decision is once made can not be rectified – if it is taken a long time to amend it. Mercury rules commerce whereas Jupiter gives business. Venus along with Moon makes one good in computer stream and strong Mars provides authority and when with Venus makes one a good surgeon.

Sun with Mercury in the house of education gives inclination towards science or healing like medicines. Saturn with influence of Mars pushes towards engineering. Influence of malefic planets provides mechanical or technical stream. When the fifth house or ninth house [governs higher education] is connected with the tenth house then the person opts for the profession in which he has received the higher education or training. The tenth house of chart predicts the graph of the career. The overall planets and the Nakshatras ruling them. And the combinations in the chart reveal whether one is able to hold the business efficiently or not. Even if you are good in skills but that is not enough. One should possess the business streak- the sharp farsightedness – to hold and govern the business. The overall layout of the chart, the inter related position of the planets foretells the strength of chart whether is suitable for business or for job. The success and different phases in business are clearly predicted for years. Similar position can be held for job in chart.

Sometimes a person do well at a certain place – as the potential of planets becomes stronger under some celestial influences where one can exhibit his talents and opportunities become wider than before. Therefore, it is then better judged by analyzing the birth chart that which place is suitable for profession or job. This field of astrology is better known as relocational astrology. It is now widely used to obtain better gains in life.

As you sow, so shall you reap – is justified in this section of astrology that deals with the aim that one should put in effort in the right direction where he is able to pour and receive the best from his environment. So that maximum results are achieved to become successful in life. is provide true & accurate Financial Astrology Report and Business Partnership Analysis report interpretation of birth chart and individual interpretation all planets with gemstone.

Friday, July 13, 2012

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Necessary Information before Start Posture

Yoga provides health benefits to our bodies in every situation but there are things to consider before doing yoga. These things take more than the sum of the benefit is received. Must pay attention to some necessary precautions---
  1. Yoga toilet and bathing activity should be done after.
  2. Yoga doing shower after one hours complete.
  3. Yoga should be laying flat on the seat.
  4. Should wear loose clothing.
  5. Yoga room should be open and airy. You can take pure air you breath.
  6. Should not Unnecessary stress.
  7. Menstruation, Pregnancy, fever, severe disease, etc. Do not posture during. Please consult a yoga instructor from the Yoga.
  8. Every day take a balance diet and decided eat schedule.
  9. Except Vajrayana all rugs empty stomach
  10. Relax at the beginning and end of the rugs. Rugs is lawfully follow. Each rugs do from the both side and her complementary practice.
Yoga started before body operation is necessary. This concludes the stiffness of limbs and the body is made rugs. Yoga care the any qualified yoga instructor. So will be much good. For more information you look at here:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Indastro Introduces Numerology Ramshlaka Stellium In Coming Month

The busy month coming observes the summer of the year. Indastro also feels the heat of this summer and becomes active due to many planetary changes in cosmos. The month of May observes many celestial changes making us busy to inform about these changes and their effect on us.
The major event of Annular Solar Eclipse is also occurring this month. The astronomical and astrological importance of this Solar Eclipse will be found on our site at
There you will be able to find the important things to be done during Solar Eclipse.

Another major event of this year – the conjunction of five planets along with nodes also create some restlessness in cosmos whose effect will be clearly visible on politics as well as personally too. A useful information is given on this stellium of transit in the sign Taurus mean to you
To make your summers more special Indastro is introducing ‘Ramshlaka’. It is an instrument to guide a person when in doubt. It is the set of hindi alphabets   inscribed in small squares enclosed in bigger one. Just pray to God for help and put your finger [pointer of the mouse] on any alphabet by closing your eyes and you will receive a couplet of holy book ‘Ramayana’ to guide you with its answer.

During this lazy time Indastro introduces its new section of numerology to have some interesting surfing. It is the best idea to know your potential and how your coming days with the help of numerology especially if your time of birth is missing. Numerology guides you with your lucky numbers, day, colors and time and yes! Change of name too. It is best to use numerology section at your work place – to know whether the employee is suitable for you or your firm or not! Relationship numerology is better guide to know about the basic nature of your partner.

You can also get benefit of our newly introduced section of the previous month of ‘Love Cartograpy’ – its direct link is to know which place is suitable for you for love relations.

Besides these new sections you can have benefit our regular prediction section that includes special focus on relations, career and money. However, you can get reply to your special questions by ‘Ask a Question’ too. If you are not sure of birth time then go for our special ‘Birth Time Rectification’ – which a highly skilful area of Vedic Astrology that is carried out by reverse engineering birth data from five major life events.
Get annual offering of the 2012 forecast horoscope and live reading of 2012 Horoscope analysis report daily, weekly, monthly, yearly interpretation of birth chart and individual interpretation all planets with gemstone. Read more:, Where and when to invest money in ‘Finance/Investment/Stock market’ report. Enjoy with our regular features of daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes online and for members in inbox daily- so avail our free membership today. Besides this our free membership includes the services of compatibility analysis, detailed planet report, Chart with dashas etc.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Major Point of Compatibility Analysis Base on Birth Chart

It is a common saying that no one in this world can live without relationship. Man is a social animal and yearns for someone with whom he can share his life. Life becomes comfortable and colorful with the right partner. It can turn out to be a hell if the partner is not able to understand emotional responses. Relations are just like lock and key- any key is not able to open any lock. Like this any man is not able to knock the girl’s door or vice versa. These are your emotional responses that attract you both. You may have numerous friends but only a few will be able to understand your mind- able to listen to you when you say nothing.

It is mostly observed that some relations may look harmonious and ultimate in the beginning but becomes sour when the time flies. Looks or attitude - when on the surface may be deceptive. The real nature of the person is observed when you live together- the little things in the life reflects in daily behavior. Other than that there are some phases that makes one behave differently. Circumstances do matter a lot in shaping the relations. A person sometimes himself is unaware that how will he behave in different circumstances. So, how would one take a decision that which person is right for you that will promise a secured and stable relationship? It is seen that love conquers all the scarcities of life – but to which extent and where. It is the fact that no two persons are alike. How differences can be filled up and to which extent? Then it becomes necessary to take a guidance of the one who is wise and look from a far to read the things better. A guide and star reader- who is blessed by special knowledge of stars to understand it. An expert is able to read it quickly whether the both are compatible for each other or not. The major areas of compatibility is to know whether the relationship is harmonious to each other by knowing the temperaments, instant responses etc. whether both are lucky or supportive to each other in different phases of life that includes the major areas like finances, upbringing the family, socially etc.  You will be surprised to know that you bring list of questions and astrology will have answers to all of that.

This field of compatibility analysis of birth horoscope is so well equipped and accurate that sometimes it looks that it is making you understand with the person who is unknown to you and that is you – ‘yourself’. It is able to tell you the basic nature of you with respect to your partner on the basis of comparing the charts. The comparison of basic planets that made you both to attract each other on the surface- made you both come together on the same plane! The matching of sun signs depicts a lot. This helps you know the basic nature of you and your partner. Whether you both will be truly compatible to each other. Comparison of Venus and Mars will make you understand the passionate side of your partner. Like this an expert is able to let you know the different areas of life with the comparison position of planets.

It is fact, as the two persons are not alike similarly you will not find two horoscopes matching with each other cent percent. At this moment, I would like to pass a thought often delivered by my astrological guru. A couple prayed Lord Shiva for years to be blessed by an obedient and pious son. Lord Shiva was pleased and granted with the boon. That time the life of person was 300 years. As the time passed by the son became well versed in all fields of life during the first 100 years of life. His parents then ask him to get married. He got worried – whether he would be able to find a suitable partner or not. If the partner is not suitable then the whole life will be ruined- he would not be able to grow socially too. So he placed a condition that he would marry a girl who is completely compatible to him astrologically. His parents felt happy and started searching a girl. The search wasted the next 100 years and then the boy grew old to get married. In nutshell, it is to be taken that no two persons are totally compatible astrologically; one has to do some adjustments to make your love life run harmoniously. Look more at here

What astrology can do for you then? Here astrology can prove to be the best guide for you to know the emotional responses of your partner as compared to yours. How much adjustment is to be done and that too in which areas. What are the things that can make you both be together and what is there that makes you or your partner happy. If there are differences then how these differences can help you and which manner. What you both are searching in this relationship and how to get it. Inner desires and handle them efficiently. The pitfalls and fill them up. The outer governing forces of the relationship and how to tackle them. The role of key planets in compatibility, comparison of aspects that influences the harmony at social and financial level. Sometimes the luck of partner elevates the luck of other partner and vice versa. There the help of ashta koota matching as well as the Nakshatra calculations guides you well. Aggression and passion is governed by Mars. There manglik dosha cannot be ignored. However, manglik dosha is not fatal always. It creates difference of energy level in both the partners. If matched properly you will be easy to tackle it with [provided, it is not much afflicted or serious in the chart]. Love match can also tells you clearly whether you will be together or the relationship is just for time pass! Are you both destined together? Even if you have been together for years – it will let you know the mistakes and how to amend them.

Love match will make you aware of the dynamics of astrology at all levels of relationship that will help you to analyze and understand your love relations much better than before. It is famous saying that you take some steps forward and I will take mine like this we both can get along! is provide true & accurate Vedic Horoscope live reading of any people and Astrology Compatibility analysis report daily, weekly, monthly, yearly interpretation of birth chart and individual interpretation all planets with gemstone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mayan Calender and its Vedic Perspective

Nowadays, lot of being said for Mayan prediction that world. It predicts the doomsday- mayan calendar ends on Sunday, December 23, 2012. According to it a great catastrophe is expected. Only a few people will survive. Is it true- or not? Still it is a big question. When everything is concerned with people massively then itself drags attention. According to Mayan calendar, the Earth will be destroyed by cataclysmic astronomical events.

Many questions arise from this prediction. According to sources the Mayan calendar ends here. There is no record of any prediction. What will really happen is still in doubt. Why Mayan calendar has not provided further possible happenings- it is an exhaustive work and maybe depends on the coming generation to continue it! Or the world is really going to an end. There were many rumors like this earlier too.

According to information from Wikipedia given -- The essentials of the Maya calendar are based upon a system which had been in common use throughout the region, dating back to at least the 5th century BCE. Was the map of Earth complete at that time? Many places were yet to be explored then. Many civilizations grew later on. Many times people of the earth go through loss of millions and millions of lives in many catastrophes. Was the calendar correctly based on astronomy that may describe the time or place where it could happen? Technically - was it sound and well equipped? There is no doubt that Mayans had amazing sense of mathematics and astronomy but limitations also existed.

The Mayan’s operated on three separate calendars, and their method of keeping track of time was very long and complicated. The first one was the Haab calendar – for civil purpose, second-the Tzolkin used for ceremonial purpose and the third the Long Count used for historical purpose.

According to the different sources The Mayan calendar predicts that astronomical occurrences are predicted to take place on December 21, 2012, such as the sun being aligned directly with the center of the Milky Way, or any other astronomical event that may create disruption on the earth on December 21, 2012 due to the alignment of the axis of the Earth could take place.

However, In according to Vedic Astrology – If it is the month of kartika, amavasya [new moon] falls on Tuesday, Moon is in swati Nakshatra, Ayushman yoga exists then it is loss of living and non living objects.

During the kartik month and amavasya that is the new moon day is falling on 13th November 2012, then the Moon will be on Swati Nakshatra and the day is Tuesday but the yoga formed that day will be Saubhagya means one yoga ahead from Ayushman.  The loss is expected during that period. Though yoga is missing and Saubhagya yoga indicates the silver streak in dark. It suggests some catastrophe but that would not be certainly the end of the world.

Now is expected any catastrophe, the chart drawn at the time of the kartik amavasya shows aspect of Saturn to Mars in fiery sign Sagittarius and the formation of eclipse in Libra suggest fire and storm. The Sanghatta Chakra- the astrological diagram to predict the catastrophe and possible areas of it – the sign Libra and Taurus are found to be afflicted though the triangle consists of Taurus, Libra and Aquarius. The places Tasmania, Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Capri, Rhodes, the Greek Islands are ruled by Taurus. Libra governs Argentina, Austria, Burma, Canada, China, Japan, Siberia, Tibet and Aquarius governs Finland, Iran, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Ethiopia. Out of which the Libran countries are most afflicted in the chart. Therefore, the event is expected to happen in Libran countries. It would be event or many fateful events that may claim several lives in different days that may spread from two month before and after the eclipse formed on November 13th, 2012.

When observed through korma chakra- an astrological diagram to know about the direction and places concerned the South, South West direction is afflicted by malefic. This indicates south west America, Mexico, North-West Argentina, Cuba  and Bahamas – possibly the area hit by active volcanoes there OR any fall of meteor [fire] from sky [Libra] in the Pacific region.

When this korma chakra is applied to India then Gujarat, Maharashtra are the most hit areas by any explosion or natural calamity.

By any means the end of human civilization is not observed astrologically as the North, North East, south and South East and North directions are observed to be safe.
About the 2012 prediction – rumors are louder than fact. What is the exact prediction of Mayan Calendar? Did it predict the doomsday clearly?

Actually, the Mayan Calendar stops there- why? There could be many reasons. Mayans must have many reasons to do it- they must have limited resources or left it for the coming generation to complete it. Or it would have been covered a long time scale then! Or the scatter of group then responsible for writing the calendar or the chief person would have been gone- there would be many many reasons to stop that calendar – but certainly that doesn’t mean the end of the world. is provide true & accurate Vedic Horoscope live reading of any people and Astrology Compatibility analysis report daily, weekly, monthly, yearly interpretation of birth chart and individual interpretation all planets with gemstone.